After growing tired of watching out for the latest Wordpress vulnerability that might get my old site compromised, I decided to experiment with creating a Jekyll powered static site. While I was at it, I figured I’d also host it with S3 Static Website Hosting and CloudFront CDN. Now the annoyance of troubleshooting Wordpress upgrades is replaced by a combination of Jekyll, Ruby, Homebrew and OSX upgrades.

What is supposed to be on this site:

  • Writings on Tech, Life & Travel - Tech because I live it every day, and travel to remind me to go do more of that.
  • Things I don’t want to forget - It’s embarrassing and then comforting to Google a topic and find your own blog post from a year ago with the answer.
  • Some (hopefully) pretty pictures

What should probably not be here:

  • Rants on Politics or Religion - Neither of which matter to anyone who doesn’t already agree, or will change the minds of those who don’t.
  • Pictures of Kids, Dogs, or Kids & Dogs - Because I have neither, so it would really be derivative. If that’s what you want, go to Facebook. Oh wait, that’s for politics and fake news now, never mind.
  • Double negatives, passive voice, and run on sentences - English Literature was my minor in University, and I don’t not care about grammar because it’s critical to retain the fundamental tenants of an education in order to prove its value and justify the time and cost spent sitting in lecture halls and libraries earning a degree unrelated to my eventual career.